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  • Curriculum Policy

All pupils at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which: “Promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.”
(Secion 351, Education Act 1996)


KS3 Curriculum


As a school we are very proud of our involvement over the last three years in developing the new curriculum, Curriculum for Wales. We have been involved in the development of an area of learning of great importance to us as a Bilingual school, ‘Languages, Literacy and Communication’. As a Headteacher, I have been particularly delighted to represent our pupils and local communities on the curriculum’s leadership groups, ensuring a high focus on Welsh, bilingualism and the needs of rural communities. You can follow our journey on the ‘Curriculum for Wales BLOG’.

As a school we are working closely with our primary schools to plan transition activities and learning towards Curriculum 2022, in order to ensure that pupils transition successfully from our 13 feeder primary schools. As we move on to the new curriculum, we are keen to develop natural links between subjects in order to move from our current single subjects at KS3 towards the 6 areas of learning.


We currently offer the following subjects at KS3:

Core Subjects: Welsh (First and Second language according to pupils’ language provision), English, Mathematics and Science.


Non-core Subjects: History, Geography, Religious Education, French, Art, Design and Technology, Music, Physical Education, Information Technology.


In the future these will be adapted to 6 new Areas of Learning:

• Health and Wellbeing
• Languages, Literacy and Communication
• Mathematics and Numeracy
• Science and Technology
• Humanities
• Expressive Arts


The curriculum will also focus on developing citizens who demonstrate the 4 Purposes and are:
• Ambitious and capable learners ...
• Enterprising, creative contributors ...
• Confident and healthy individuals ...
• Ethical, informed citizens ...


KS4 and KS5 Curriculum:
At KS4 We continue to offer the statutory KS4 Core Subjects along with the Welsh Baccalaureate as well as 3 option choices. At KS4 the KS3 provision is enhanced through new courses such ac Business, Sociology, Food and Nutrition,


Child Development alongside college courses through the Conwy 14-16 partnership and Coleg Glynllifon.


At A Level we also offer courses in partnership through LINC Conwy.


For further information about our curriculum at KS4 (GCSEs) and KS5 (A Level), see our handbooks on the website.

  • Parents’ and carers’ guide to secondary school for children aged 11 to 14 - click here


A guide to the new Curriculum for Wales

A guide to the new Curriculum for Wales

Curriculum for Wales

We have a new curriculum coming to every school in Wales in 2022. Learn all about the new curriculum on this page.

New Curriculum

A new curriculum for Wales is currently being developed and will be statutory from September 2022. Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy is at the forefront of the new curriculum developments with its work with the cluster.

The Welsh Government states:
“The new curriculum will have more emphasis on equipping young people for life. It will build their ability to learn new skills and apply their subject knowledge more positively and creatively. As the world changes, they will be more able to adapt positively.

They will also get a deep understanding of how to thrive in an increasingly digital world. A new digital competence framework is now introducing digital skills across the curriculum, preparing them for the opportunities and risks that an online world presents.

Meanwhile teachers will have more freedom to teach in ways they feel will have the best outcomes for their learners. The central focus of assessment arrangements will be to ensure learners understand how they are performing and what they need to do next. There will be a renewed emphasis on assessment for learning as an essential and integral feature of learning and teaching.”

The new curriculum has 6 Areas of Learning and Experience:

  • Expressive arts
  • Health and well-being
  • Humanities (including Religious Education)
  • Languages, literacy and communication
  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • Science and technology

Language, Numeracy and Digital Competence skills will be taught across all areas of learning and experience.

The purpose of the new curriculum is to support the children to be:

  • Ambitious, capable learners.
  • Enterprising, creative contributors.
  • Ethical, informed citizens.
  • Healthy, confident individuals

The Four Purposes

Education is changing


The new Sixth Form Prospectus 2024 - 2026









Art & Design

Design & Technology

Business BTEC

Sports BTEC





Religious Education


Skills Challenge Certificate

Cam wrth Gam

LINC Conwy


Linc Conwy - Prospectus 2024/2025

Linc Conwy - Prospectus 2023-24


Learning Pathways 14-16 - Options Handbook 2024-2026


Welsh Second Language


Science Double Award



Food and Nutrition


Design and Technology


Health & Social Care and Child Care

Physical Education





Skills Challenge Certificate


Art and Design
Digital Technology

Hairdressing & Beauty




Small Animal Care





The Welsh Baccalaureate