Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competencies

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Working in partnership with Conwy and Llanrwst Library Services

We are delighted to have begun a new partnership with our local libraries in Conwy including Llanrwst Library. As part of this partnership there will be opportunities for parents and pupils to find our more about the library service, to look at books that might be of interest; to renew membership or to join the library; and to order books on line from the library service.

Using and visiting local libraries can be a useful tool to support reading for pleasure, homework, study and revision. The library service is keen to work with us as a school to support our pupils and we will be using our school reading champions to help select books to replenish our school resources and to recommend new books for the local libraries.

If you, as a parent or a pupil, would like more information or to renew membership/join your local library we have arranged that a representative from Llanrwst Library will be available during our parents' evenings to share information and hep with making best use of the library services.

For further information, click on the following link:


Literacy Bulletin for Parents - click here

National Literacy And Numeracy Tests Timetable 2019:

To view the timetable - click here

Numeracy/Mathematics Resources

Support for developing mathematical and numeracy skills

Free support for pupils with the new GCSE courses for free through the following link - click here

Literacy Resources

Learning Wales

The school has also been featured as part of national good practice in developing literacy and numeracy across the curriculum by the Welsh Government. More information can be found through the following link to the Learning Wales website - click here

We will be updating this area on the Parents’ page over the course of the year. Further information about literacy and numeracy strategies, including useful websites will be shared during parents’ evenings over the year.

For resources to support literacy in Welsh

Use the following link - click here

Information for parents about the National Literacy and Numeracy Tests:

For more information - click here

Information about the Digital Competency Framework

For more information - click here

Developing citizenship skills in a multi-medium/digital world

You can read more about how to support, develop and safeguard pupils in terms of e-safety on our ‘Wellbeing and e-safety’ pages.

Literacy and Numeracy – Information for parents:

posterNumeracy – Information about how numeracy is taught in the school for parents can be found through clicking here.
Numeracy Booklet
As part of our strategy to respond to the national numeracy priority, we have adapted our support for pupils and parents on numeracy strategies. The first part of this is a numeracy booklet for parents and pupils. We hope this will be helpful in explaining some of the different methods used to develop numeracy skills in mathematics and across the curriculum. There are further resources also available on the school’s Moodle site. Please contact us should you require further guidance.
Together, we can raise standards
New information for parents on how to help pupils with mathematics and numeracy - click here


poster We have renewed our Terminology Book for pupils in years 7-13. In it are terms in both languages to support pupils’ literacy skills across the curriculum as well as information about helping with spelling and key spelling rules. At the back of the book there is room for pupils to record the words they need to learn. All pupils have been given a copy at the beginning of term. We hope it will be of use to them with both classwork and homework - click here